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February 10: The 25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment of 1967 outlined suitable responses to the vacancy of a president or vice-president. Before the ratification of this amendment, politicians were left with several uncertainties, including: Does the Vice President become president or merely adopt presidential powers if the President dies? What happens if the Vice President dies or resigns for other reasons? And what happens if the President becomes unable to fulfill some of his or duties, but not to the extent of needing to leave office indefinitely? The 25th Amendment provided clarification. The Vice President does become President if the original President leaves office. In the case of a vice-presidential vacancy, the President must nominate a new Vice President, whom a majority of the House and Senate must confirm. Finally, with a written declaration, the President may officially and temporarily transfer power to the Vice President during times of inability and then later reclaim power.February 3

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