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Free Gift for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

In honor of  International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, download free Reader's Theater Scripts

Understanding Works believes empathy is a key to a better understanding and a better world to live in. They offer over 100 compelling stories, books written by kids for kids, on their website. Over the past two decades, students have met with WWII Veterans, Holocaust survivors, Civil Right heroes, those who walked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many more heroes. You can learn more at

In honor of  International Holocaust Remembrance Day, download three free Reader’s Theater Scripts. The plays give students the ability to learn about these subject’s experiences while acting them out and teaching their audience.

Holocaust Survivor Inge Auerbacher

Jewish Holocaust Survivor Inge Auerbacher survived three years in a concentration camp facing horrible conditions and illness. She was a young girl thankful to have her doll Marlene by her side.
Download We Are One Readers Theater Script

WWII Veteran Jesse Crawford

Jesse Crawford was a small-town boy who went to war after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a tank mechanic who saw the horrors of a Nazi work camp. There, he learned the only crime the prisoners committed was being Jewish. After the war, an act of kindness for a European child gave Jesse a sense of normalcy. He gave her parents a piece of leather to make shoes so she could play outside.
Download A Boy Called Jesse Readers Theater Script

Holocaust Survivor Sol Nayman

Sol Nayman was born in Poland during the calm before the storm which preceded World War II. He went on the run with his family when he was only four years old, after the Nazis invaded their hometown and burned it down. Sol and his family found a kind of refuge in the Soviet Union, surviving for years in harsh labor camps and beating the odds of survival that many others succumbed to.
Download If Not Now, When? Readers Theater Script

We would like to see global impact with three scripts. Consider using them in your classroom, with a youth group or service club and passing them on to others who may learn from them. These resources encourage critical thinking, empathy and a deeper understanding of the Holocaust. Empower your group to touch the hearts of minds of a live audience or by performing on Facebook Live. Please share your video performances to us via email
(include your name, group name and city, state or country).

Advantages for Kids Performing Reader’s Theater

  • These short skits require kids to read aloud and practice their reading skills. It helps them develop fluency, accuracy and expression in their reading.
  • By performing a skit, kids have to understand the text and its meaning in order to portray the characters effectively. This improves their comprehension skills and their ability to analyze and interpret written material.
  • Acting allows kids to step into different roles and perform in front of an audience. This boosts their self-confidence and helps them overcome stage fright or public speaking anxiety.
  • Reader’s theater skits require kids to work together as a team. They need to cooperate, listen to each other, and coordinate their actions to create a cohesive performance. The skits promote teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Kids have the opportunity to bring the characters and story to life through their acting and interpretation. This encourages creativity, imagination and the ability to think outside the box.
  • Reader’s theater skits like these often involve stories from different cultures and time periods. By performing these skits, kids can learn about different traditions, historical events, and diverse perspectives.
  • Acting is a fun and interactive way to engage kids in reading and learning. It makes reading more enjoyable and memorable, which can foster a lifelong love for literature.
  • Reader’s theater skits provide a unique and beneficial learning experience for kids, helping them develop various skills while having fun and being creative. You’ll find additional skits available on our website and we will be adding even more in the future.

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