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Story Time: Storm Dog by L. M. Elliott

Author L.M. Elliott reads the introduction of her new novel, Storm Dog.

For those who have ever felt out of place, this affirming and heartwarming book tells a powerful story of rural Virginia, the love of a dog, and the power of music.

Whip-smart Ariel doesn’t fit in. Only in the winds of the Blue Ridge Mountains and spring tempests that mirror the storms in her heart does she really feel at home.

Her brother understands her, but he’s in Afghanistan. Her father hasn’t been the same since George deployed. Her mother focuses on Ariel’s gorgeous sister. When Gloria is selected to be an Apple Blossom Parade princess, Ariel feels even more the outsider and takes to the hills.

There, during a raging storm, Ariel finds a lost dog. Amid soul-rattling thunder and lightning, he leads her to the safety of a cabin and Sergeant Josie, a former Army K-9 handler. Together—with music, dog-dancing, and a storm-child-crazy plan—the three outcasts find themselves.

In this whimsical tale of self-discovery, L. M. Elliott captures the flavor of Virginia’s hunt country and Appalachia, while exploring definitions of beauty and belonging. Storm Dog will make readers proud to dance to their own rhythms.

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