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Sophie Switching, Russian mystic, born in Moscow, famous for her salon in Paris

Anne Sophie Swetchine ( November 22, 1782 – 1857), known as Madame Swetchine, was a Russian mystic, born in Moscow, and famous for her salon in Paris.

  • She spent her early years at the court of Empress Catherine the Great, as her father was one of the empress’s closest advisors. She was given a good education, learned to speak several European languages and was popular at court.
  • In 1797, she was made lady-in-waiting to Empress Maria Fedorovna.
  • In 1799, Sophie married General Nicholas Sergeyevich Swetchine. Even though he was his wife’s senior by 25 years, their relationship was described by contemporaries as a good one, though the couple did not have children, which is said to have caused her suffering.

It was perhaps also in part the reason for her turning to religion, which was to play a great part in her life.

  • Coming from Russian Orthodoxy, in 1815 she became a Catholic, largely as the result of reading the writings of Joseph de Maistre, though she had also been under the influence of the Jesuits.
  • Russian law did not permit members of the Russian nobility who had converted from the Orthodox religion to continue living in Russia, and so Sophie was forced to live in exile, choosing Parisas her new home. There she settled with her husband the following year and there she was to spend the rest of her life.

From 1826 until her death in 1856, she kept a salon at number 71, Rue Saint-Dominique.

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