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Grateful American Foundation Partners with WETA’s AdLit

The partnership will support Grateful American Book Prize winning author interviews, the development of instructional resources, and the relaunch of AdLit’s “Unlocking the Past” project.

A new partnership between the Grateful American Foundation and will enable WETA to conduct interviews with current and previous Grateful American Book Prize winners; to present the interviews on and YouTube; and to relaunch AdLit’s Unlocking the Past project.

AdLit is a national multimedia project that provides educators and families resources to support adolescent readers and writers. As part of this partnership, WETA will become an official media partner of the Grateful American Book Prize, which honors outstanding authors of YA works of history, biography, and historical fiction.

“Educators know history is critical to students learning how to become better citizens and understanding how the country’s political and cultural systems work.” ~David Bruce Smith, Founder

Unlocking the Past celebrates careful reading, critical thinking, thoughtful debate, and learning about what life was like in the past. It also gives teachers tools to prompt students to think, question, and behave like historians.

In addition to the resources related to historical fiction, AdLit’s Unlocking the Past materials include a range of resources for both English and Social Studies teachers.

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