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Elijah and George Production Team Featured on The Brigade Blog

In the latest episode of Firelocks, the Podcast, we turn our focus to the independently-financed feature film, Elijah & George which is set to begin production this summer in Virginia. It’s about the adventures of a young camp follower as he encounters famous figures of the Revolution during his search for his father who has gone missing in the midst of the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Described by its creators as “Tom Sawyer Meets The Patriot”, the film will highlight the often-forgotten lives of the kids who served alongside the armies, and it will appeal to families and viewers of all ages, lovers of history, and those who appreciate good film making.

Joining host Bill Patchak are Andrea Clarke (director/producer/writer), Michael Dooling (producer and illustrator/author of the book which inspired the film), and Ben Theis (historical adviser and 4th Coy’s own). The panel will discuss the motivation behind the film’s development, the ongoing pre-production activities, and the efforts undertaken to ensure historical accuracy.

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