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Bell Hooks, American author, feminist, and social activist

Gloria Jean Watkins (born September 25, 1952), better known by her pen name bell hooks, is an American author, feminist, and social activist. The name “bell hooks” is derived from that of her maternal great-grandmother, Bell Blair Hooks.

  • The focus of hooks’s writing has been the intersectionality of race, capitalism, and gender, and what she describes as their ability to produce and perpetuate systems of oppression and class domination.
  • She has published over 30 books and numerous scholarly articles, appeared in documentary films, and participated in public lectures.
  • Primarily through a postmodern perspective, she has addressed race, class, and gender in education, art, history, sexuality, mass media, and feminism.
  • In 2014, she founded the bell hooks institute at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky.

Source: Click here to learn more about Bell Hooks.

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